Bulgaria vs Malta in World Cup qualifiers

Bulgaria welcomes Malta in the World Cup qualifiers – Group B. Bulgarians currently hold the second place in the group, which gives them the right to play into the barrages. The team of Malta is on the last place with three losses from three matches so far.

The Bulgarians are definitely revived after the assignment of Lyuboslav Penev as the head coach of the team. On the last qualifiers they finished last in their group, but now after the first four matches they are unbeaten, defeating Armenia with 1-0 and ended ties with the other three contenders for the best places in the group – Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

A victory today is simply mandatory for Lubo Penev’s players, but whether it will come easily and convincingly or not is the main question we should answer when we make our betting prediction here.

In general, when making this prediction is good to know that the former top scorer of Valencia and Atletico Madrid is a perfectionist both as a player and as a coach. Moreover, he surely understands that in such group, where only Italy is going to be the favorite, the goal difference could also be important. That is why I believe the coach of Bulgaria will insist for maximum concentration and a convincing victory.

Basically, Bulgaria plays successfully against Malta – in six matches so far they have achieved five wins, every of them with minimum two clear goals.

I see no reason this trend to preserve and to see a victory for Bulgaria with at least two goals. The coefficient for this betting prediction by different sportsbooks is around 2.05 with a margin of -2;-2.5

However, we must note that this is a relatively risky betting tips. The Bulgarians have a very difficult match on Tuesday as a guest of Denmark. A match, which will surely be a cornerstone of their ambition to rank among the top two teams in the group.

It is possible the Bulgarian’s coach to save some strength for the more important match in Tuesday, However, I don’t think the coach of Bulgaria will take such a huge risk, so I will bet on their victory with margin of -2;-2.5.